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Lake James Summer Newsletter 2018

Please put Sunday July 1, 2018 on your calendars as that is the date for our annual Lake James Summer Picnic. Back by popular demand it will once again be held at Moosehead Park aka the boat launch. The festivities begin at 10am with boat registration, 11am the boat parade begins, then lunch will follow at 12 noon to 3pm.

The entrance to the boat launch will be closed from 7am to 5pm from launching or removing boats, to insure the safety of the homeowners young and old walking to the picnic.

We ask that everyone participating in the boat parade begin to register at the pontoon parked parallel to the lake side of Moosehead Park at 10am. Marty and Pat Baumgartner will ask your name, your boat theme and give you a number to put on both sides of your boat for the judges to identify. And homeowner, Kathy Timberlake has once again donated the 2nd and 3rd place trophies. Contact Marty at 1-517-262-1589 or email

Lunch will begin after the boat parade is over approximately 12noon and will continue to 3pm, as the volunteers will begin cleaning up to go home to their families and guests to enjoy the rest of the day.

We have asked Basil the Clown to join us once again, and he has accepted.

We have also asked Yumm Yumm ice cream to serve. We are waiting confirmation!

We have not been able to find face painters. The companies who advertised were cost prohibitive. If any of you talented ladies (or gentlemen) are artistically inclined and have done this before, it would be great for you to volunteer to paint the faces of the children.

Our board member Sara Roberts and her children will once again be selling our Lake James koozies for the bargain price of $2. And remember stop in at The Shirt Factory and see Karen because she has our Lake James logo to put on any shirt, hat or jacket of your choice.

We also want to remind you that the fishing contest is going on again this year until August 10th. No entries will be accepted after the 10th. Please see all pertinent info in the Fish Tab on the website. (remember to take a picture with a measuring tape!) Our new board member who loves to fish, Laura Lisiscki, has tagged a 15inch bass……so there are now 3 fish tagged….happy fishing one and all! Contact Marty at 1-517-262-1589 or email

Please Everyone Take Notice of this Next Paragraph!!!

We are in need of volunteers to help for one or 2 hours during the day.


We need your muscle!

We cannot pull this off without your help!

We need help Friday late morning 11AM at the pole barn to load up the trailer with the grills, garbage cans, etc. I will send a reminder email to freshen your memories!

We will again need help after the picnic with unloading that same trailer back at the pole barn as Don Tottingham has borrowed it from Mike Alter, another Lake James homeowner and needs to return it Sunday afternoon as Don and his family are leaving for vacation on Monday morning.

We need volunteers to meet us at the boat launch at 8am Sunday morning with set-up, placing of tables and chairs, putting up 5 pop-up tents, table covers with balloons and candy dishes, set-up of chafer trays for hot and cold foods, paper plates, napkins, plastic ware, server ware. We need servers for the brauts, koegels, chips and dessert. We need a team to help with clean-up. The five guys cannot lift the garbage bags, grills, tables and chairs back into the trailer, nor out of the trailer. We need help with the coolers filled with ice. We need someone to set up and oversee the lemonade, iced tea and water. We need someone to cook the brauts and dogs and cut-up the watermelon. If we all take turns, just stay an hour, and it helps immensely.

You have always come thru when we’ve asked for help and I know you will once again!

See one and all on Sunday July 1st!

Notice: anyone interested in having an air view of Lake James can contact Aerialgraphics, LLC @1.800.780.FOTO or website

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